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The Police Dept is located at 200 N Third St. Burbank, CA, 91502. Burbank Bail Bonds is a family owned business and has been working with the residents of Burbank and the surrounding area for many years.


We have well trained bail bondsman at Burbank Bail Bonds to help our clients. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are here to help you understand the bail bond process. We know how difficult the judicial system can be sometimes.


We have patient staff that will help guide  you through this tough time. We make the process as simple as we can. If you cant come to our offices we will gladly come to you. We know that you want to get your loved one released from jail as soon as possible.


We are her to do that for you.  Call US now we will do all the work for you so you don't have to. We are committed to helping you and your family. Call Now (818) 272-8973



In 2010 the city of Burbank had a population of 103,340. Burbank is known as the Media Capitol of the world. Due in part to the large media companies who house their headquarter here. Some of the are The Walt Disney Company, Nickelodeon, Insomniac Games, and Warner Brothers Entertainment. Burbank was named after a dentist and business man David Burbank. The area which is now Burbank was the site of a small military war that was the cause of the Spanish governor at the time to loose his job.  The new governor who took over was names Pio Pico.


Dr. David Burbank owned large areas of land on which he grew wheat and raised sheep. At one point he lost 1,000 in what was one of California's worst droughts. He at one point was considered one of the best sheep raisers in California. Mr. Burbank was also owner of Burbank Theaters which was a very successful  but later deteriorated into a burlesque house. During this time major transportation was trains and stagecoaches. In 1939 Walt Disney bought loaned in Burbank. This is a place he considered building Mickey Mouse Park. The city was against him building there. Years later he ended up building Disneyland which was a very successful decision.  During the 60's an 70's Hollywood entertainment companies began their move to the city of Burbank.


During the 1990 Sony considered leaving Culver City and joining other big companies in Burbank. The reason was that the city would not allow them to renovate their current location. The Company ended up staying in Culver City after the city approved their plan to expand. There are hundreds of wonderful places that have been in the city for many many years. Like the oldest Bob's Big Boy in the U.s. Due to the restaurant being names a land mark, the owner was unable to demolish it. He wanted to build a large office building on the site but was unable to. Important locations to Burbank are Nickeltoons Studios, NBC- TV Studios, Cartoon Network Studios, Universal City, Burbank City Hall. The city of Burbank has its own local Courthouse. Any violations are handles within Burbank.


City Of Burbank Police Department:

Address: 200 N 3rd St, Burbank, CA 91502

Phone: (818) 238-3000


Transit: Downtown Burbank Metrolink Station


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