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Bail Bonds La Verne - Domestic Violence


Domestic Violence has become a serious problem throughout America and could result in one or all of the people involved in the domestic dispute to be detained. In order for a dispute to be considered domestic violence, it must happen between two or more co-habitants, and must result in one of the people involved inflecting bodily, mental or severe emotional injury to another.


Someone involved should only call the authorities if they feel it is necessary in order to protect themselves or their loved ones. Law enforcement officers have been taking these calls more seriously and will make an arrest if they feel they need to or will detain everyone to defuse a hostile situation and to prevent the situation from becoming more dangerous or aggressive.


Domestic Violence can be charged in many different ways such as misdemeanors or felonies in the state of California. The severity of the charge will depend on the officer’s view of how severe the crime was and whether anybody was injured throughout the dispute. The most used charges to describe domestic violence are 273.5, which is a felony, and 243.5, which is a misdemeanor. Each code will be assigned a bail amount that will vary per county and which jail the defendant is being held.


Remember that everyone that gets arrested is innocent until proven guilty, so it doesn’t mean that you or your loved one will be convicted and found guilty of the charge. However, fighting cases involving domestic violence can take a long time, especially if you fight it from inside jail.


The judge in court will make an effort to try to tell you or your loved one that resorting to violence to solve domestic disputes is unacceptable just to ensure that you understand that domestic violence cases are not taken lightly. When you contact a bail bond agency or lawyer, you must make sure that they are experienced and educated on handling domestic violence cases because they are usually very sensitive matters that could get out of hand easily.


Our staff is very experienced with these types of cases and our agents will provide you with the best and most accurate information as well as how you should handle the situation. Usually when we get these types of cases, the client will usually say something like “I didn’t want my spouse to get arrested. I told the police that, but they still arrested him/her.” Our agents are highly trained and can tell exactly how to use this statement to keep these domestic violence charges from going on your records.


We understand how domestic violence could happen anywhere at any time and that it could spur from a normal argument between couples. However, the moment someone calls the police reporting a disturbance, the police must treat it like a possible domestic violence case.


If you ever find yourself in a domestic dispute and the cops are called, try to make sure that everyone involved is calm and explain the whole situation to the officers present at your house. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and one of our agents will be more than happy to help you out.

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