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bail bonds torrance ca

How Bail Works!

How the bail bond process work!


When anyone becomes incarcerated in the state of California, first they are to be charged with a violation to the law, and then there will be a bail amount set based on that violation. Bail amounts may vary between different counties even if it is the same charge.


 After the arrestee is gone through the booking process, and his background has cleared, he/she will be cleared for bail. That is the time when we can turn in our bond and get the person out of jail. Once the bond is turned the arrestee will be released from custody shortly after, and will be assigned a future court date to attend and take care of the violation. It is the defendant responsibility to attend and show up to all court dates while out on bail.


To obtain a bail bond, you will need to contact a bail bonds agency licensed by the state of California Department of Insurance. The process of obtaining a bond is rather simple, especially if the person requesting bail has knowledge of the violation and the person who committed it.


We at Sunrise Bail Bonds, will walk you through the process of approving the bond and undertaking it. We make sure that you understand the steps we are taking, as well as, informed with the all the knowledge you will need.


Call now for free and confidential bail information.. 1-888-252-6637

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