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Indio Bail bonds has worked in the city for many years. We are dedicated to bringing exceptional service to the community of Indio. Our staff is highly trained and pride themselves in providing service with honesty and integrity. We have years of experience dealing with bail out cases.


We know how stressful it can be for the family. We know that the most important thing is getting your friend or loved one out as soon as possible. Call us now! We will go over the process until you feel you understand it. Don't stress the sun will rise in the morning with us by your side. We know its a scary situation to be in, we will do all we can to help.


We are open 24 hours a day. Call us! we don't have voice mail or answering machines, one of our trained staff is waiting to help you. Call us any time @ (760) 444-0085 SE HABLA ESPANOL!



Indio is a warm desert city in the county of Riverside, Ca. Located about 265 miles from Palm Springs. In 2010 the population of Indio was 76,036. Back in the old Days the city was created due to the fact that the railroad needed a place to have trains stop and clean their engines. Originally the city was called Indian Wells. The railroad helped the city prosper by bringing settlers and visitors alike into the area. No surprise that the first building was the Depot station and hotel. The railroad company tried to make life in the city as comfortable as possible for their workers at the time. This way they would stay in this difficult area to live in during this time period. Chino was also known for its agriculture, onions, cotton, grapes, citrus and dates. The biggest problem the city had was flooding until Coachella Valley created water canals. Some of the earliest founders of the city are Dr. Harry Smiley and his wife Nell, AG Ting man and Dr. June Robertson McCarroll. By the 20th century the city was not going  to be taken off the map.  Schools and hospitals were built and families became established.  Indio is home to the USDA Date Station.


This is were extensive research took place on fruit which later became part of the city of Indio's culture. Indio being a major grower of dates linked it to the Middle East. At times unemployment was up to almost 20%. Though in 2006 the unemployment went down to 5% due to the real estate market going up and affluent resident s moving into the area. The city of Indio has warm winters and very hot summers climates. Summer temperature can sometimes exceed 120 degrees. The biggest economic factors are agriculture and tourism. Now due to residential and recreational developments date groves have become scarce.  Some of the largest job opportunities in the city are agriculture and housekeeping. The largest employers are the County of Riverside and Desert Sands Unified School District. Some of the annual festivals are the National Date Festival, International Tamale Festival and The Riverside County Fair. The Tamale Festival is held in December in Old Town Indio and in recent years has earned 2 Guinness World Records.. We are open 24 hours a day. We also have Spanish Speaking staff that will help you with translating and understanding the bail bond process. We will do all we can to get your loved one released from jail as fast as possible. We have easy payment plans that will make it easy for you. Call us today and let us get you through this. Your family is important to us as we know they are very important to you.



Indio Police Department:

Address: 46800 Jackson St, Indio, CA 92201

Phone:(760) 391-4057


Transit: Jackson at Dr Carreon


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