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Palm Springs Bail Bonds has worked in the city for many years. We are dedicated to bringing exceptional service to the community of Palm Springs. Our staff is highly trained and pride themselves in providing service with honesty and integrity. We have years of experience dealing with bail out cases.


We know how stressful it can be for the family. We know that the most important thing is getting your friend or loved one out as soon as possible. Call us now! We will go over the process until you feel you understand it. Don't stress the sun will rise in the morning with us by your side. We know its a scary situation to be in, we will do all we can to help. We are open 24 hours a day.


Call us! we don't have voice mail or answering machines, one of our trained staff is waiting to help you. Call us any time @ (760) 699-2227 SE HABLA ESPANOL!



Palm Springs a beautiful desert getaway. Located about 37 miles east of San Bernardino. In 2010 the population was 44, 552.  Palm Springs is the place for Golf, Swimming, Tennis, Horseback riding , Biking and hiking. In the 1900's Palm Springs became a resort. Many tourists settled there due to health reasons and the benefits of the dry heat of the desert. Many books have been written about Palm Springs. Like George Whartons James The Wonders of the Colorado Desert. In 1909 Nellie N. Coffman and her husband who was a Dr. Opened the Desert Inn Hotel. Which also during this time period served as a sanatarium. The hotel stayed open until 1967. The Oasis Hotel was built in 1924 by Pearl McCallum. Many Hollywood movie stars enjoyed the dry sunny weather and the privacy of the desert.  Many movie stars built their homes in the surrounding area. The the 1920 Charles Farrel and Ralph Bellamy opened the Raquet Club. Pearl McCallum built a tennis Club in 1937. There are many hotels and places to stay in Palm Springs. The Orchid Tree Inn, Ingleside Inn, Estrella Resort & Spa, Palm Springs Tennis Club, La Quinta Hotel and Colonial House to name a few. During World was II the El Mirador Hotel was turned into the Torney General Hospital in 1944.  About 19,000 patients were treated here during the war. Architects were commissioned by movie stars to build them exclusive homes.


Homes with inventive designs and unique vacation homes. Palm Springs has remained popular with Hollywood rich and famous.  Today tourism plays a major part in the city's economy with 130 hotels and many bed and breakfast. Including over 100 restaurants. Palm Springs is well known as a Spring Break place to be. With many visitors and college students spending the Spring Holiday there. Palm Springs Village Fest takes place every Thursday night. It draws visitors, tourists and locals to the Palm Canyon Drive. The City today relies on tourism and retail sales taxes. Due to its many festivals, conventions and International events. There are many exciting things to do in Palm Springs. Discover local fresh grown produce at the Certified Farmers Market. Have a picnic at one of the beautiful parks. Soak up the sun by one of the hotel pools or take a walk downtown.  Explore an oasis at one of Coachella Valley Preserve, Springs, Dunes Hiking and riding trails. Window shop as you stroll down Palm Canyon Drive. Palm Springs Bail Bonds is open 24 hours a day. We also have Spanish Speaking staff that will help you with translating and understanding the bail bond process. We will do all we can to get your loved one released from jail as fast as possible. We have easy payment plans that will make it easy for you. Call us today and let us get you through this. Your family is important to us as we know they are very important to you.


Palm Springs Police Department:

Address: 200 S Civic Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Phone:(760) 323-8116


Transit: Palm Springs Airport (Tahquitz & Civic)


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(888) 252-6637


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Mon-Sun 12:00 am - 12:00 am

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