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Anaheim Bail bonds has worked in the city for many years. We are dedicated to bringing exceptional service to the community of Anaheim. Our staff is highly trained and pride themselves in providing service with honesty and integrity. We have years of experience dealing with bail out cases.


We know how stressful it can be for the family. We know that the most important thing is getting your friend or loved one out as soon as possible. Call us now! We will go over the process until you feel you understand it. Don't stress the sun will rise in the morning with us by your side. We know its a scary situation to be in, we will do all we can to help. We are open 24 hours a day.  Call us!, we don't have voice mail or answering machines, one of our trained staff is waiting to help you. Call us any time @ (714) 646-4377 SE HABLA ESPANOL!



Anaheim is a well known city in Orange County. The largest populated city in CA. The city is well know for its theme parks.  Disneyland, Angel Stadium and Adventure City. It was the 2nd city built in 1870 to the Los Angeles county. Famous for its Disneyland Resort comprised of Theme Parks and hotels which opened in 1955. Part of these are Angels Stadium of Anaheim, Honda Center and the largest convention center on the west coast the Anaheim convention Center. Wine makers and grape farmers founded the are that is now known as Anaheim in 1857. In 1880 a pest infestation destroyed the grape industry.


Before Disneyland opened Anaheim was a rural community made of orange groves. The  farmers who owned the land lived in the area too. Anaheim is about 25 miles south east of Downtown LA. The biggest attractions Anaheim offers are Disneyland Resort, Main Library, Anaheim Ice, Downtown Anaheim Farmers Market, and Center Street Promenade. Pearson Park and Pearson Amphitheater in the colonial District were named after the Mayor Charles Pearson.  Anaheim defiantly has California weather with warm winters and hot summers. The longest industry in Anaheim is tourism. The Anaheim Convention Center is home to national Conferences, which bring in big revenues to the city. Disneyland is one of the largest employers in the city.


The city has many hotels that service the Theme Parks as well as the convention Center. Anaheim is also home to the many notable companies and corporate offices. At&t, Banco Popular, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard, Kaiser Foundation, Sunny Delight, Yogurt land and Raytheon to name a few. Following Disneyland Kaiser Foundation Hospitals is also a large employer to the community.


If you are visiting Anaheim the main attractions would be Adventure City, Anaheim Garden Walk, Anaheim Convention Center, Angel Stadium of Anaheim, Disneyland Resort, House of Blues, The Grove of Anaheim, Honda Center, Anaheim Ice and Anaheim Hills Golf Course. Though crime is moderate in Anaheim. It still has its share of burglaries and violent crimes. Bail Bonds Anaheim is a well known company with experienced staff trained to help you.  We are open 24 hours a day. We also have Spanish Speaking staff that will help you with translating and understanding the bail bond process. We will do all we can to get your loved one released from jail as fast as possible. We have easy payment plans that will make it easy for you.  Call us today and let us get you through this. Your family is important to us as we know they are very important to you.



Anaheim Police Department:

Address: 425 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805

Phone:(714) 765-1900


Transit: Harbor-Santa Ana


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