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DUI - Driving Under The Influence


If there is anything that we all agree on here at Sunrise Bail Bonds, it is that no one should consume alcoholic beverages and still operate a vehicle, but that is not going to prevent some people from doing so. After all, the decision to “drink and drive” is done under the influence of alcohol. We know that no one would want to hurt themselves or other doing that, so here we are taking the time to tell you about what to expect when a loved one is arrested for DUI, and of course what the different charges that they may be facing, what determines the bail amount in those cases and for sure how to deal.......Read More

Domestic Violence


Here at Sunrise Bail Bonds, we want to shed the light on one of the most controversial reasons of which people get arrested for. Domestic violence is a dispute that happens between two or more cp-habitants, which results in one inflecting bodily, mental or severe emotional injury to another. ...........................Read More

Drug Possession


Possession of Drugs or Drugs paraphernalia is the most common reason for daily arrests in the state of California. The charge has many variations, and it carries different bail amounts and punishments. Here at Sunrise Bail, we understand the nature of those variations, and we will explain them very simply so you can make the right decision when bailing someone.........Read More

How Bail Bonds Work!


When anyone becomes incarcerated in the state of California, first they are to be charged with a violation to the law, and then there will be a bail amount set based on that violation. Bail amounts may vary between different counties even if it is the same charge..................Read More

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