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One of the most devastating events that could happen to you is getting a call from a loved one and finding out that he or she has been arrested. After that traumatic call, you search for a bail bonds agency in the area, but will not know which one of the hundreds of agencies you should trust. Here, we can guarantee your ultimate satisfaction with our services.


Every agent is highly trained in the bail bond process for the city of Covina and in customer service to ensure that every one of our clients are all treated with respect and patience. When you call our agency, one of our agent will answer and explain the entire bail bond process to you after you explain your situation. Once you understand the entire process, our agent will then explain the next steps for applying for a bail bond for your loved one. Once the paperwork is completed, our agent will then explain to you what you must do after your loved one is released from jail.


In order for us to post the bail bond, we legally have to collect 10% of the original bail amount according to the state of California. This could still be too much for someone to come up with on the spot, which is why we offer the option of setting up a payment plan. The agent that helped you with the bail bond will meet with you to come up with a payment plan that fits within your budget. So hurry and call one of our agents at Bail Bonds Covina so that we could put your mind at ease and get your loved one out of jail. Call Now (626) 513-8993



One of the smaller cities in the state of California is the city of Covina and it makes up for its size with all of the things that you could do in the city. This city is located in the Greater Los Angeles County and is just easte of the city of Los Angeles.


There is a slogan for this city stating “One Mile Square and All There,” which was given to it when the city was literally one square mile, according to people of course. Covina is constantly mistaken with West Covina because they are right next to each other, but West Covina is larger in both area and population. West Covina lies to the sout of the city of Covina.


Irwindale lies to the west of the city of Covina and the cities of Baldwin Park, Azusa, and Glendora are just north of the city of Covina. It would be extremely difficult to keep the entire city safe from harm, but the Covina Police Department has done a beautiful job at keeping the residents as safe as possible.


The police department constantly patrols the streets of the city to catch any criminals committing a crime or to find someone under distress. The Police Department has done such a good job at keeping the residents safe that the city of Covina was named one of the safest cities in the entire state. They also post DUI checkpoints in random places throughout the city to catch anybody that is driving while drinking or already drunk.


This is to ensure that the streets of the city of Covina are always safe to drive on at all times of the day and night. So I would definitely take a trip to this fine city and experience all that it has to offer. This city is also a great place to raise a family because of its great educational system.


Covina Police Department:

Address: 444 North Citrus Avenue, Covina, CA 91723

Phone: (626) 384-5595


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(888) 252-6637


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Mon-Sun 12:00 am - 12:00 am

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