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domestic violence

Domestic Violence


Here at Sunrise Bail Bonds, we want to shed the light on one of the most controversial reasons of which people get arrested for. Domestic violence is a dispute that happens between two or more cp-habitants, which results in one inflecting bodily, mental or severe emotional injury to another.


It is only normal for someone to call the authorities in order to protect themselves or their loved ones. Our analysts have noticed that over the last 10 years, authorities started taking these calls very seriously, and will make it a point to detain one or both parties to a dispute, only to defuse a hostile situation and to prevent further aggression resulting from Police showing up to someone’s residence.


In the state of California, Domestic violence can be charged in many different variations (misdemeanors & felonies). The two most used penal codes to describe domestic violence are 273.5(felony) and 243.5(misdemeanor), and the bail amount assigned to these charges may vary per the county where the defendant is being held.


Just like every other case, the fact someone is charged with domestic violence doesn’t mean that he will be convicted and found guilty of the charge, but it is worthy to mention that fighting these cases can be lengthy, especially if a defendant is fighting the charges from inside jail. Court judges will try to make a point of telling people that it is not acceptable to resort to violence to solve domestic disputes.

Our staff is very experienced in handling these cases, and is familiar with courts proceedings related to similar charges. The experience we have in dealing with these unfortunate situations can be yours at no charge. We are open 24/7 to answer all questions and educate you on how fight your case with the knowledge needed to do so.


After gaining all the knowledge you need to deal with these types of charges comes the question of what is next.


I can safely say that every time we are called with such cases, the most important question is “I didn’t want my spouse to be arrested. I told the police so, but they still arrested him/her”. Not only we have the answer to this question, but we can also be of an assistant on how to use that fact to fight these charges from landing on your records.


The results of domestic violence cases can vary based on the severity of the bodily injury, if found, and if there are any prior violent convictions. Our duty doesn’t necessarily end by helping your loved family out of custody, so we take the extra step to explain your options and give you live examples of what can be the outcome.


Our offices understand how domestic violence can unexpectedly visit any home, and we know how any normal couple may at some point argue and agree to disagree on a certain topic, voices can get loud and be heard across the neighborhood, and how a concerned neighbor can call the police to make sure you are ok. All these things can happen to someone without him being ready for it. It all can go even worse when one gets arrested. Given all that, we know that your family may not be financially and mentally ready for all this, so here at Sunrise Bail Bonds, we take the time to understand your situation and help you get your loved ones out with the most flexible financial plans in the industry.

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