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Drug Possession


Possession of Drugs or Drugs paraphernalia is the most common reason for daily arrests in the state of California. The charge has many variations, and it carries different bail amounts and punishments. Here at Sunrise Bail, we understand the nature of those variations, and we will explain them very simply so you can make the right decision when bailing someone out of jail.


People can be arrested for associating them with controlling substances under many different charges and penal codes. A person doesn’t have to necessarily need to be under the influence to be arrested. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time can result in someone’s arrest. Following, are different scenarios and reasons why a person will be arrested with relation to drugs:


Possession of drugs for personal use, which may vary by the type of drug.


Possession of drugs paraphernalia, such as, pipes, syringes, scales and specific containers.


Possession of drugs for purpose of sales (large quantities or quantity divided into smaller portions found in one place).


Possession of drugs for purpose of transporting (usually when drug is hidden in a vehicle or a vessel).


Possession of prescription drugs without prescription.


Possession of someone else’s prescription drugs.


Selling drugs to others while being watched by authorities.


Possession of equipment used to manufacture control substance.


Growing marijuana without a license for purpose of resale.


All these variations can result in different situations depending on the quantity caught with a person, the type of drug in possession (synthetic or naturally grown) and whether it is the first offense or not. First time offenders, who are arrested for possession for personal use, can possibly get away with probation and some drugs abuse classes, but other than that, the court system and the court judges take it very serious and will make a statement to others, hoping to keep our communities safe and sound for future generations.


In most cases, we help people bail their loved ones out of jail for drug related charges, and we work with them to help those precious ones to get back on the right track because we believe in second chances, and we believe that humans are good in nature and are willing to do what is right given the correct conditions.


We are very proud to announce our goal to help authorities keep our streets safe for our kids, so we help families do the research to find the right and proper rehabilitation programs that suits every one’s financial and work situation. We are also very proud to contribute to the community by announcing news and agendas to help children and teens keep away from going the dark route of drugs. Our staff is very active in their own communities, local anti drugs clubs and schools to help spread the knowledge and to teach our kids the downside of using drugs.


The staff at Sunrise Bail Bonds is ready to take your call and help you through your tough time dealing with the incarceration of a loved one. Each and every one of us will treat your case in confidential and secretive fashion. We are available 24/7 to receive your calls.

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