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Driving under the influence is a unnecessary risk people make constantly make throughout California and America. Alcohol is very dangerous when it is consumed in large amounts because it affects a person’s judgment and ability to function physically as well as mentally. Nobody should ever operate a vehicle under these decisions because it poses a threat to that person and everyone driving around them. Everyone could avoid becoming a statistic or being arrested for driving under the influence by making that life-saving choice of getting a ride after drinking.


This article will inform you on what to expect after getting DUI, the different charges you or a loved may be facing, and what the different bail amounts are and how different charges affect the bail amount. When a police officer notices a driver that can’t seem to drive in a straight line or seems to be driving at inconsistent speed switching from driving too fast and too slow. The officer understands that this type of driving is directly caused by someone under the influence and could pose a great threat to the driver as well as other drivers in the area. It is important to understand that if you or a loved one is pulled over by an officer that you treat the officer with respect and be as cooperative as you can because it could end up affecting the severity of your charges.


After someone is pulled over for a suspected for a DUI, the officer will ask the driver to turn off his car and slowly exit the vehicle, keeping his or her hands in view of the officer, and then will put the driver through a series of sobriety tests that help determine if he or she is truly under the influence. If the officer feels he needs more evidence to determine if the driver is under the influence or not, the officer will issue a breathalyzer test which will measure the driver’s blood alcohol level.


The blood alcohol level is the most important factor concerning DUIs and it could determine the bail amount that is set with the DUI.


In the state of California, if someone is at or over the age of 21, they are considered under the influence when their BAL is at .08% or higher. The higher the BAL is, the higher the bail will be and the more severe the charges will be. If the driver is under 21, he or she is considered under the influence with a BAL of .01% or higher and it will be connected with extra charges for drinking under the age limit.


Some other things that will factor into the DUI charges are if the person has any prior DUIs or if they were involved in an accident while under the influence. Both of these situations will increase the bail amount and will also make the charges against the driver more severe. Driving under the influence and getting into an accident can carry a bail of up to $100,000. Also, the officer will still add minor charges such as driving with a suspended license, not having insurance on the vehicle, and something as small as not having your seatbelt on.


Therefore, we hope this article was helpful in convincing you that these driving under the influence is not worth the consequences and risks, no matter the situation.

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