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Our family owned Bail Bonds Company knows how important family is. With that in mind we know how stressful it can be when a family member gets arrested. Our trained staff understand the crucial aspects of these moments in time, and are trained to assist family get through these difficult ordeals. From walking you through the bail bonds process to accompanying you to the jail to find out about your loved ones.


We stay with you through out the process. Though you may feel like time is standing still and the world is falling in all around you. Count on us we can help! When a loved one is arrested they  are usually held at a city or county jail.


All jails are different in regards to time and processing.  Some are speedy and some have a more lengthy and time consuming process.  If you find yourself in a situation where you are looking for a bail bondsmen be patient. Because losing patience will not help your loved one get out any faster. Keeping cool and calm will help you keep your thinking clear. Call us now and let us do the work for you. Call Now (562) 285-6999



Long Beach CA. is the 36 largest city in the US.  Long Beach is famous for its water attractions. The Port of Long Beach is one of the busiest and largest in the world.  It also handles large oil industry. Oil is found both underground and offshore. In the last year Long Beach has grown due in part to the high technology and aerospace industries.


Downtown Long Beach is within 25 miles of Los Angeles.  But Long Beach is so large its borders run along LA's borders for many miles.  The town has grown as a seaside resort.  The Pike was then and is now a beach side amusement zone. In 1921 oil was found on Signal Hill which became one of the largest producing in the world. Back in world War II Long Beach was part of the Air-Raid in 1942.  Even though nobody saw any planes near by. Long Beach had a large Japanese-American population. Most worked on Terminal Island, in the canneries. Due to the racial  motivation by state officials. The government sent the Japanese to Internment Camps in 1942. Many of these people decided not to return to Long Beach after the war. One of the major attractions of Long Beach is the Aquarium of the Pacific which opened in 1998.  More than 13 million people have com to enjoy the facility.


Since 2008 Long Beach has been known as the aquatic capital of the US.  Long Beach has perfect temperature and the best off- shore sailing waters. There are many wonderful sites if interest in Long Beach.  One of the largest is the Queen Marry which was docked in 1936. The city of Long Beach bought the ship in 1967. The ship is now a hotel and museum. The Aquarium of the Pacific is another large attraction. The Aquarium is home to 12,500 animals from over 500 species. Although surfing may have started in Long Beach. Surfing is not very well known in Long Beach now due to the large break water built in 1949. Which reduced the waves. The Long Beach Gran Prix is one of the largest events in Long Beach. Long Beach is well know for its night life.  There are many clubs to choose from.


City Of Long Beach Police Department:

Address: 400 W Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90802

Phone: (562) 570-7260


Transit: Broadway & Magnolia SE


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