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When a friend or loved one is arrested in this city or any of its surrounding cities it can be very devastating. Just Imagine its the middle of the night and you receive a phone call from a loved one, your half asleep and have no idea who to call.Bail Bonds Van Nuys can help! Just give us a call 24/7. A live bail bondsman will answer all your questions.


No answering machines at Van Nuys Bail Bonds, because in a situation like this who wants an automated system. When acquiring a bail bond. The reason for the bail process is to guarantee appearance in a court for the defendant that is being bailed.  Usually the fee is 10 percent of the bail amount being charged (mandated by state law). Sometimes you may not have all the money needed to bail someone out.


Consider asking friends or family for help and using collateral the bail bond company may be more assured of the defendants appearance in court. So just because you don't have all the money on hand keep in mind that there is possible collateral that may be used. We are here to help any way we can. We will work with you to get your loved one out. Our bondsmen are professional men and women who are trained to help. Day or night we are ready and just a phone call away. (818) 272-8773 Call now.



The beautiful town of Van Nuys know as" The town that started right". The city was built on Tyrone Wash 2 blocks east of Van Nuys Blvd.and would always flood. Small Bridges were parked behind Van Nuys Elementary School To be kept ready for when Tyrone Avenue Flooded.


Hobart Johnstone Whitley was credited with the building of Van Nuys and 150 other surrounding cities. In 1972 Isaac Van Nuys built the first wood frame home in the Valley. In 1911  Los Angeles Suburban Home Company. H.J. Whitley, the so called father of Hollywood.  In 1914 Universal City opened as a studio town. St. Elizabeth Roman Catholic Church was established.  In 1928 the Van Nuys Airport opened. In 1938 a big flood Kills 144 people, making people think that the land is unsuitable for homes. In 1941 Sepulveda Dam and Hansen Dam are built in response to the great flood that killed many peole. In 2009 population was recorded as  103,770.  There are so many things to do in Van Nuys. There is Sixs Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, Autry national Center, Glendale Galeria, exposition Park, Olvera Street and the world famous Rose Bowl. There is something for everyone.


You may also find the Van Nuys Thursdays Farmers Market. The market place takes place in Van Nuys January thru the end of December. The Farmers Market is located on Victory and White Oak. Lake Balboa created in 1900's out of farming land, lake Balboa is part of a recreational park. There are large picnic areas both covered and scenic. The park contains many flowering trees, birds and fish. The park has increased real estate values in the surrounding areas. Skirball Cultural Center is dedicated to the Jewish Culture and heritage. The Museum has regular exhibitions and musical events. Universal Studios is the theme park division of NBC Universal, part of General Electric. Its the third largest amusement park in the world.  Its a favorite for children as well as those adults young at heard.


Van Nuys Police Department:

Address: 6240 Sylmar Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91404

Phone: (818) 374-9500


Transit: Sylvan St. & Sylmar Ave.


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(888) 252-6637


Business Hours:

Mon-Sun 12:00 am - 12:00 am

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